Ancillary Files

Remote Desktop Manager generates ancillary files on your workstation. The table below lists out an example of ancillary files and their locations.

As described in Configuration File Location , the default path for most of these files are customizable. For this reason, we use the [CONFIG] token in this documentation to denote when a file is stored in a configuration folder that can be relocated, or the [PROFILE] token to indicate that they are stored in the local profile. By default, these point to the same exact folder . The only method to separate them is by using a customized configuration.

Since you can also deploy on a portable device, sometimes known as using the XCOPY deployment model, we will use the [INSTALLDIR] token to indicate that the file is in the same location as Remote Desktop Manager .

The Override Source column indicates if an available mechanism can relocate the files of that category elsewhere.



Configuration File(s) (.cfg, .ext) [CONFIG] None
Data File(s) (.xml, .db) [CONFIG] or custom path. None
Default Settings [CONFIG] Data source settings (System Settings)
Encryption (.enc, .enb) [CONFIG] None
Layout Files (.lyt) [CONFIG] None
Log Files (.log, .debug) [CONFIG] None
Local Play lists [PROFILE][Datasource]\Playlists Use application directory for local playlist will use instead [INSTALLDIR]
Local Templates They are serialized directly in the configuration file of the application. None
Offline/Cache data (offline.db) [PROFILE][Datasource] Use application directory for online cache will use instead [INSTALLDIR]
Sensitive (.stv, *.stb) [CONFIG] None
Themes [CONFIG] None

Offline and Local Play list option

Offline and local play list options can be accessed by navigating to File - Options - Advanced .

Options - Advanced
Options - Advanced