Application Requires Devolutions Server Version Greater or Equal

This application requires a Devolutions Server version greater or equal than...


When Remote Desktop Manager is connected to a Devolutions Server data source, it will validate at start up the compatibility of both applications version. If an incompatibility occurs, the warning message above will appear in Remote Desktop Manager


Firstly, we recommend a Devolutions Server upgrade. This link will provide instructions about how to perform the upgrade: Upgrading Devolutions Server If you require assistance to perform the upgrade please contact us at


  1. We strongly advise to deactivate the auto-update feature to avoid any unwanted update. Follow this link for more information about how to apply policies on Remote Desktop Manager group policies (GPO).
  2. We recommend the use of the Version Management tool in Administration - System Settings - Applications of Remote Desktop Manager This feature will prevent any unwanted upgrade unless approved by the administrator. Using this feature allows the administrator to control the Remote Desktop Manager versions available inside the organization.
    System Settings - Application - Version Management.png
    System Settings - Application - Version Management.png