The Permission window which is only available in an Advanced Data Source , can be found in every entry properties in the Permission section.

The user group based permission system can give a very accurate control of the security. Here is an overview of the permission window:

Permission panel
Permission panel


Permission Sets the permission mode. Select between:

  • Inherited (Default) : will inherit the permissions from the parent groups.
  • Custom : lets you specify a custom value for each of the permission.
  • Everyone : everyone will be granted all the permissions below.
  • Never : no one but the administrators will be granted the permission.

Grant Access

Allows batch granting access to a specific entry or entries.
Inherited values Indicates what is inherited from parent groups.
Select user groups or users Lets you select Users / User groups to be granted the permission. Available only if the permission is set to Custom .

Batch Grant Access
Batch Grant Access