Configure RDM Active Directory Interactive (with MFA)

This topic is for Remote Desktop Manager version 2022.1 and higher. If you are using an older version please follow this topic instead.

Active Directory Interactive (with MFA Support) allows you to authenticate on your Microsoft Azure SQL data source using your Office365 account + MFA.

When creating SQL Active Directory users, you must be logged in with an Azure Active Directory user. Otherwise it will fail and you will be notified of the error.

Use the servers defined Azure Active Directory Admin to create your first RDM admin users. Once you've created, you can use this new account to create other users.


Azure with MFA
Azure with MFA

  1. Select Active Directory Interactive (with MFA Support) from the Login mode dropdown menu.
  2. In the Username field, paste the Active Directory admin email you created in the Microsoft Azure SQL databases.

On first connect, the username must be the Active Directory Admin as defined in the Configure the Active Directory Admin . Once you add other AD user in RDM they will be able to connect.

!!RdmWin4034.png If you get this message error: Unable to connect to the database! Login failed for user '' double check the username for spelling errors.

  1. Configure the database to authenticate in the Database field.