The Tools tab contains your Add-on and Extensions manager as well as your Devolutions Server Console, Generators and multiple useful tools.



Password Generator

Opens the Password Generator window. You can use this to generate password according to pre-determined criteria for better security.

SSH Key Generator Launches the SSH Key Generator. SSH keys provide a secure way of logging into a virtual private server with SSH than using a password alone.
Certificate Generator Launches the Certificate Generator. With this you can create a self-signed certificate, which is an identity certificate that is signed by the same entity whose identity is certified.
Port Generator Launches the Port Generator. With this you can generate ports for your connections.


Entry Security Analyzer

Opens the Entry Security Analyzer. This is used to evaluate the strength of passwords stored in the data source.

My Inventory Set up a My Inventory report.
SSH Key Agent and Manager Opens the Key Agent Manager. This is used to hold all your SSH Keys in memory, already decoded and ready for them to be used.
PowerShell (RDM CmdLet) Opens the PowerShell (RDM CmdLet).
More Tools The More Tools window contains a variety of application tools such as: Chocolatey Console, Local RDP/RemoteApp Manager, Playback (Ansi), Remote Desktop Manager agent and more.


Add-on Manager

Opens the Add-on Manager. It is used to simplify the management of different add-ons.

Extensions Manager Opens the Extensions Manager. This is used to simplify the management and installation of Web Browser extensions and other miscellaneous extensions.