WMI Troubleshooting

Here's a primer on remote WMI: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa389290.aspx

In our environment, we basically run winrm quickconfig on all our machines, for those not joined to a domain we also add them to the TrustedHosts list. For machines not joined to a domain, there's an added difficulty if you are using the IP address instead of the Host name, it definitely offers a few challenges.

A good strategy is to get remoteWMI to work, then we integrate it in RDM. We like to use WMIC.


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Problem 1

Access denied error.

Solution 1

Ensure the user account has the necessary permissions to access a computer remotely Securing a Remote WMI Connection (Windows)

You can also find troubleshoot tips in WMI Troubleshooting (Windows)

Problem 2

Error getting products informations.

Solution 2

Invalid Class WMI or WMI class not found on Windows Server 2003. On Windows Server 2003, Win32_Product is not enabled by default. You can enable it by following the steps provided in the link below:


Problem 3

Testing from a remote computer.

Solution 3

The WMIC command is used to test if you have access to the machine through WMI. You need to enter the following command;

wmic /NODE:"ComputerName" bios get serialnumber

Below, an example with other credentials;

wmic /NODE:"ComputerName" /user:"username" /password:"password" bios get serialnumber

Problem 4

Load from inventory doesn't work. Error getting Bios information.

Solution 4

This error can be many things please validate the following:

  • Sessions must be RDP.
  • The station must be on the same domain.
  • The credentials must be in the Tools section of the session and be accurate.
  • Test the WMI requests directly from the station to see if the communication is working.