Microsoft RDP Licensing Protocol Error

When you connect to a remote workstation, you receive one of the errors below.



Solution 1

  1. Close Remote Desktop Manager
  2. Navigate to %localappdata%\Devolutions
  3. Move the RemoteDesktopManager folder to your desktop
  4. Restart Remote Desktop Manager

Solution 2

In File - Options - Types - RDP change the RDP engine to RDP (FreeRDP Latest)

Solution 3

Try to check/uncheck the NLA option located under the Connection tab in the Properties of the session.

Solution 4

In some cases, and sometimes depending on the host OS, the CredSSP setting may interfere. Change its value in Session properties - General - Advanced Tab.

Solution 5

Try to check/uncheck the Open Console option and see if the error message disappear or is still the same in the General settings of the Properties