Hung RDM Dump File Creation

Follow this procedure ONLY when guided by a Devolutions support specialist.

There are no guarantees that we can identify the issue, but following this procedure may guide Devolutions towards identifying the root cause.

The following procedure makes use of a tool offered by Microsoft's Technet, namely the Sysinternals Suite The tool that we need is Process Explorer It will monitor Remote Desktop Manager and allow to create a dump file.

  1. Download and install the Sysinternals Suite utilities.
  2. From the installation folder start the application procexp64.exe or procexp.exe
  3. Launch Remote Desktop Manager
  4. Replicate the steps that trigger the issue in RDM.
  5. In the Process Explorer right-click the RemoteDesktopManager.exe process.
  6. Select Create Dump - Create Minidump
  7. Save the RemoteDesktopManager.dmp file.
  8. Contact our Support team in order for them to provide a secure link that can be used to send this file.