The IIS settings are part of the prerequisite at the installation level. Most of what is found in this tab is automatically filled in by the information given while setting up your Devolutions Server, the IIS settings section is used more as an information source rather than configuration.

Server Settings - IIS
Server Settings - IIS



Option Description
Website Name of the IIS website.
IIS Diagnostic Opens the IIS Diagnostic dialog that list Devolutions Server prerequisites.
Web application name Name of the IIS Application Pool.
Access URI Web URI used to reach Devolutions Server web page.

Installation destination

Option Description
Installation Folder Folder where the Devolutions Server web application files are located.


Option Description
Disable HTTPS Disable the use of the HTTPS for HTTP.
Disable connection string encryption Activate this option if you wish to add an extra layer of security to your configuration by encrypting your file.
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