The Logging section allows the administrator to configure the logging features.

Administration – Server Settings – Logging
Administration – Server Settings – Logging



Option Description
Log debug information Enable the Devolutions Server instance logs. When enabled, this will raise the debug level and provide more log entries.
Language Choose the language of the logs.
Scheduler log path Set the destination path of the log file. We recommend to set this path outside of the Devolutions Server web application folder.

Syslog Server

Option Description
Log to Syslog server Send the logs to a Syslog Server.
Host Enter your Syslog Server host to connect.
Port Enter your Syslog Server port to connect.
Protocol Select your preferred Protocol mode between:
  • TCP
  • UDP

Windows Event Log

Option Description
Event Log Send the logs to Windows Event Log.

Slack Integration

Option Description
Post activity logs to Slack Post the logs in a Slack channel.
Bot OAuth access token Slack authentication access token.
Slack channel name Name of the Slack channel where the logs will be posted.
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