Installation requirements

The following describe what you will need to install before installing Devolutions Server.

Please contact us at to book a session where we will help out to install Devolutions Server.


  1. SQL Server already available (Express Edition is supported). For supported SQL Server versions, please see System Requirements.
  2. If not, install SQL Server and SQL Server Management Studio.
  3. IIS Manager already installed on the server where Devolutions Server will be hosted. For supported IIS Manager versions, please see System Requirements.
  4. Devolutions Server Console that can be downloaded via our website.
  5. Devolutions Server Prerequisites already installed.
  6. Devolutions could be using several accounts to connect to the database for the different components.These accounts can be Domain service accounts (Integrated Security) or SQL Accounts, read more about accounts in this article about Pre-Deployment Account Survey.
  7. Follow the steps in Create Devolutions Server Instance.

Ensure that the encryption keys will be exported and saved in a safe place at the end of the installation process.

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