The Subscriptions are intended to send email according to activities on Devolutions Server. It could be activities on entries, user accounts, system settings, etc.

Notifications - Subscriptions
Notifications - Subscriptions

Subscription properties dialog
Subscription properties dialog

Option Description
Name Name of the Subscription.
Subscriber One subscriber that will receive the notifications from the current subscription. A subscriber or a subscriber group can be selected.
Subscription Category Category of the subscription. This can be one of the following possibilities.
  • Entry
  • User
  • Vault
  • User Groups
  • PAM Privileged Account
  • PAM Provider
  • PAM Checkout
  • PAM Team Folder
  • System Settings
  • Administration Log
  • Data Source Log
  • Devolutions Gateway
  • PAM Checkout Policy
  • PAM OTP Template


The filters are tied to the subscription category and each of them has their own filters. You can add a filter with the Add Filter button. Be aware that the filters are cumulative.