Recording server

The following steps will describe the options to install the recording server for Devolutions Server with Devolutions Gateway. It is possible to install it on a standalone machine.

Devolutions Gateway recording installation

A gateway first needs to be installed before starting this process.

  1. In the web interface for Devolutions Server, go to AdministrationSystem settingsRecording server.

  2. Click on Enable Devolutions Gateway recording.

    Enable Devolutions Gateway recording
    Enable Devolutions Gateway recording

  3. Disable the Enable legacy recording server option.

  4. Click Save.


  5. In Remote Desktop Manager, go into the PropertiesSecuritySession recordingSession recording section of supported entry types;

    • Apple Remote Desktop
    • Azure Blob Storage
    • Chrome
    • FTP
    • Google Drive
    • RDP
    • S3
    • SCP
    • SFTP
    • SSH Shell
    • Telnet
    • VNC
    • WebDav
  6. Set the Mode to Required.

  7. Set the Recording to Remote.

    Session recording
    Session recording

  8. Click Update to save the changes and close the window.

Devolutions Launcher

Sessions can also be launched through Devolutions Launcher.

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