Action buttons

The display of Action Buttons for entries will vary depending on the type of entry selected and your Devolutions Server settings.

Entry Action Buttons
Entry Action Buttons

Icon Option Description
Add to Favorites Add the selected entry to favorites.
Check In Release the session from check out.
Check Out Reserve the session.
Copy to Clipboard Copy the field of the selected entry (usually the username or password).
Download Download a copy of the file contained in the entry.
Entry History Hover the icon to see who created/edited the entry.
Get notified when Subscribe to receive notifications for changes made on the entry.
More Show more options for the selected entry:
  • Save as Template
  • Password History
  • User Specific Settings
  • Move to vault
  • Export (.rdm)
  • Duplicate
  • Delete
Navigate URL Open the specified website URL in a new tab.
Open in Web Client (Preview) Launch a RDP session in a new browser tab.
Open Session (Devolutions Launcher) Launch a session in Devolutions Launcher.
Properties Modify the properties of the selected entry.
Status Change the Default status of the selected entry to:
  • Locked
  • Disabled
  • Warning
  • Expired
View Display the field of the selected entry.
View Password Display the password of the selected entry.
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