In the Preferences section located in the account menu, modify the user web interface elements.

Account preferences
Account preferences


Option Description
Landing page Choose the home page after sign on:
  • Vault
  • User vault
  • Reports
  • Administration
  • Privileged access
  • System dashboard
Launch connection with Choose the application that opens remote connections:
  • Default (Devolutions Launcher)
  • Remote Desktop Manager
  • Devolutions Launcher
Grid page size Choose the number of rows displayed in lists (e.g., reports):
  • 10
  • 20
  • 50
Date and time format Choose a format:
  • Default (US)
  • US
  • Custom
Use vault image in tree view Enable to view the vaults images in the Navigation pane.
User interface profile Choose an interface profile:
  • Default (IT professional)
  • IT professional
  • Business user
Theme Choose a color theme:
  • Default (Light)
  • Light
  • Dark

User interface

Option Description
Tree view Hide archived, disabled, or expired entries.
Vault selector Choose the position of the vault selector:
  • Default (In the sidebar)
  • In the sidebar
  • On top of the tree view
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