Applications access

Allow or deny the user access to different applications and Companion tools:

Edit User – Applications
Edit User – Applications

Edit user

Option Description
Remote Desktop Manager Allow user to access Devolutions Server through Remote Desktop Manager.
Workspace browser extension Allow user to auto fill username and passwords on websites with the Workspace browser extension.
Devolutions Launcher Allow user to open remote connections with Devolutions Launcher.
Web Allow user to use Devolutions Server web interface.
Cli Allow user to use the Cli.
Scripting Allow user to connect through Devolutions.PowerShell module.
Workspace Allow users to use the Workspace mobile app.

Time-based access

Option Description
Days Allow access to the instance according to one of these values:
  • Any day
  • Week days
  • Weekends
  • Custom
Time Allow access to the instance according to the given possibilities:
  • Any time
  • Custom
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