The General section of the System Settings allows the administrators to apply general policies for the whole data source.

Administration – System Settings – General
Administration – System Settings – General


Option Description
Allow user specific settings Allow users to save User Specific Settings.
Allow entry states (Lock, Running, Checkout) Allow entries to be locked when used or edited.
Automatic check in after Allow to automatically checked in an entry after the defined time.
Add entry mode Select if users are prompted to choose a template when creating a new entry. Select between:
  • Default
  • Template list (include blank)
  • Template list only
  • No template selection


Option Description
Allow log comments editing Enable the log comment editing for all users.
Minimum length (char) Minimum length in character for the comment.

File Size

Option Description
Maximum file size (MB) Limit the size of attachments and document entries to avoid to over load the data source.


Option Description
Allow favorites Allows to flag entries as favorites.

User vault

Option Description
Allow user vault Allow users to use the user vault.
Log user vault activities Include the logs of the user vault for all users of the data source.
Allow credential repository in user vault Allow credential repository for sessions in the user vault.


Option Description
Vault Locked Status Creates vaults with a restricted access by default.
Data Source Security Enable the legacy security.
Events Settings Risky events notifications

Time-Based Usage

Option Description
Time Zone Select the time zone you are currently in.
Days Select which days the session is available for. Select between:
  • Any day: the session can be used any day of the week or week-end.
  • Week days: the session can be used only the week days.
  • Week ends: the session can be used only the week ends.
  • Custom: manually select each day the session is available for.
Time of day Select the hours which the session is limited to. Select between:
  • Any time: the session can be used at any hour.
  • Custom: manually select the time frame the session is available for.
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