Installing web server prerequisites

The installation of Devolutions Server is supported by Windows Server 2016, 2019, and 2022.

As a web application, Devolutions Server requires the following:

These prerequisites can be installed from the Devolutions Server Console or trought an existing PowerShell script provided with the Devolutions Server Console.

Installing prerequisites from Devolutions Server Console or from the PowerShell script requires internet access to download the following:

Web server roles needed for Devolutions Server
Web server roles needed for Devolutions Server

PowerShell method

  1. Run Windows PowerShell with elevated privileges.

  2. Change the current path to the sub-folder Scripts that is located in the current installation folder of Devolutions Server Console (C:\Program Files (x86)\Devolutions\Devolutions Server Console\Scripts).

    Location of PowerShell script
    Location of PowerShell script

  3. Run the DVLS-Prerequisites.ps1 script.

  4. The script will install the missing web roles and the following components:

    • IIS URL Rewrite Module
    • IIS Application Request Routing Module
    • IIS Microsoft .NET 8.0 Core Module hosting bundle.

    Windows PowerShell script
    Windows PowerShell script

Devolutions Server Console method

  1. Open the Devolutions Server Console.
  2. Go in the Support tab and click on IIS Diagnostic.
  3. Click on Install Prerequisites to run the PowerShell script. The window below only appears if a prerequisite is missing during a new installation or an update.
    IIS features diagnostic
    IIS features diagnostic
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