Create a Devolutions Server staging instance

To perform testing on an instance of Devolutions Server without altering the data in production, deploy a test instance based on a copy of the instance in production.

The following steps describe how to create a test instance hosted on the same machine as the production instance.


  1. Perform a full backup of the production database.
  2. Restore the database under a new name.
  3. Export the encryption keys from the production Devolutions Server instance (if this step has not already been performed).
  4. Create a new instance in the Devolutions Server Console. We recommend creating the test instance at the same version as the production instance.
  5. In the database step, enter the information related to the database copy created in step 2.
  6. Provide, once prompted for it, the encryption key file exported in step 3.
    Encryption keys for existing database
    Encryption keys for existing database
  7. When the creation is complete, make a full backup of the staging database.
  8. Install all the additional features to test them like the scheduler service, the recording server, and the Devolutions Gateway.

From this point on, you can perform the Devolutions Server Console upgrade and update the test instance. The console is designed to support earlier versions of Devolutions Server.

Moving Devolutions Server to another server

The above instructions can be used to move the Devolutions Server instance to a new server.

It is possible to disconnect the old machine from your domain and rename the new one to have the exact same machine name. In that case, no need to update the Access URI and the Devolutions Server data source in Remote Desktop Manager.

If you plan to migrate the SQL database on a new server, this could be completed once the Devolutions Server migration is completed. Once done, update the database configuration from the Devolutions Server Console.

If you plan to move the Devolutions Server to a new identity provider, you can also use the authentication migration tool to migrate you users and user groups to the new identity provider.

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