Password generator

The Password Generator allows to create random passwords that are difficult to interpret or predict, due to a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and punctuation symbols.

You can create and force a Password Templates to follow your organization secure policies.

Password generator in entry properties
Password generator in entry properties

Generate passwords with the password generator

  1. Go to the General section in the Properties of an entry.
  2. Next to the Password field, click the three-dots menu to access the Password generator tool.
  3. Customize all the criteria you want your password to have, then click Generate.
  4. In the proposed list, choose and click on a password.

At the bottom of the list, you can review the strength and phonetics of the selected password.

  1. Click on Select to close and autofill the Password entry field.

You can also create a Password template from your Password Generator settings. Just customize the settings and click on Add template next to the Template drop-down list.

Password generator
Password generator

Option Description
Template Choose a Password Templates.
Mode Choose a Mode setting for the passwords.
  • Default: Customize the length and the minimum number of characters per type you want the passwords to have.
  • Advanced settings: Select the length, type, and number of characters to include in the passwords. Include and exclude specific characters.
  • Readable password: Generate passwords that are readable but are not actual words.
  • Use a pattern: Select any pattern you need to create the passwords. You can also exclude certain characters if desired. A list of the most recent used patterns is also created.
  • Pronounceable password: Generate passwords that are pronounceable, but are not actual words.
Upper-case (A, B...) Include uppercase letters in passwords. generation.
Underline ( _ ) Include the underline ( _ ) character in passwords. generation.
High ANSI characters Include characters from '-' to U255 (excluding U255) in passwords. generation.
Minus ( - ) Include the minus ( - ) character in passwords. generation.
Brackets ([], (), <>) Include bracket characters in passwords. generation.
Digits (0, 1, 2...) Include digits in passwords. generation.
Special (!, $, %, &...) Include special characters in passwords. generation.
Lower-case (a, b, c...) Include lowercase letters in passwords. generation.
Space ( ) Include the space character in passwords. generation.
XML Compliant Generate XML compliant passwords. passwords.
Password count Maximum number of passwords generated.
Include the following characters Forcefully include characters inside the password.
Exclude the following characters Forcefully exclude characters from the password.
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