Devolutions Server unavailable after reboot

The SQL Server where your Devolutions Server is located may not be up and running by the time the Devolutions Server instance starts. As a result, the scheduler service or Devolutions Server web application is unable to connect to the database and is returning an error message that may look like this in the Windows Event logs:

"The DevolutionsSchedulerService (DVLS) service terminated with the following error:
An exception occurred in the service when handling the control request."


Execute the commands below to configure the Devolutions Server scheduler service and W3SVC (integral for IIS functionality) to depend on SQL Server. This adjustment ensures they will initiate their startup process only after SQL Server has fully started.

  • Devolutions Server scheduler service: sc config <Devolutions Scheduler Service Name> depend= "<your SQL Server Instance service>"
  • W3SVC: sc config W3SVC depend= "WAS/HTTP/<your SQL Server Instance service>"
    Note the presence of WAS and HTTP, which are default dependencies of the W3SVC.

To clear dependencies of services: sc config <service name> depend= ""

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