Managing registration globally for all your users can be done with a license serial stored in Administration – Licenses.

Adding a license
Adding a license

Here are the different license types that can be added in Devolutions Server:

  • Remote Desktop Manager
  • Devolutions Launcher
  • Devolutions Gateway module
  • Privileged access management (PAM) module
  • Third party PAM integrations (CyberArk, Delinea Secret Server, BeyondTrust)
  • Client access license (user CAL)

Add a license – General
Add a license – General


Option Description
License Enter the license to be stored.
Import Import the license using a LIC file.
Auto assign Automatically assign the license key to every new user account (not available for PAM licenses).

Assigned to

Add a license – Assigned to
Add a license – Assigned to

Option Description
Filter Filter the list based on the Name or Description column.
Assign all Assign the license to all accounts.
Assign missing Assign the license to accounts that are not already selected.
Clear all Remove the license from all accounts.
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