Configure an SMTP email

Configure a basic SMTP email in Devolutions Server by following the steps below.


  1. In Devolutions Server, go to Administration – Server Settings – Email.
  2. In the Authentication type drop-down list, select Basic.
    Basic authentication type
    Basic authentication type
  3. In the Administrator Email field, enter the recipient email address that will receive the errors.
  4. Enter/select all necessary information under the SMTP Configuration section. See the table in the next section for information on each field/setting.
  5. Once the information has been provided, test your email settings with the Test Email button.
  6. If successful, Save your configuration using the icon at the top right.

SMTP configuration settings

Field/Setting Description
Host Enter the name or IP address of the SMTP server.
Port Select the SMTP server port.
Username Enter the username used to connect to your SMTP server.
Password Enter the password used to connect to your SMTP server.
Connection security Set a specific security for the connection to the mail server. Choose between the following:
  • No encryption
  • Automatic based on port number (by default)
  • Use SSL or TLS immediately (SMTPS)
  • Use TLS immediately after initial connect
  • Use TLS if the server supports it after the initial connect
Send email as Enter the sender's email address.
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