Essential practices for managing Devolutions Server operations

During critical operations on a Devolutions Server instance, it is essential to undertake specific preparatory tasks. These tasks safeguard the environment and enable the restoration of the application or data should any issues arise.

Here are key considerations and actions to take:

  • Conduct impactful operations on the entire Devolutions Server system during off-peak hours whenever feasible. This may require setting the Devolutions Server instance to offline mode or shutting it down.
  • Consistently back up the database and ensure you can restore it easily if necessary.
  • Create a backup of the Devolutions Server web application folder.
  • For certain operations, consider setting up a Devolutions Server Authentication type account with administrative rights on your Devolutions Server instance. Additionally, consider enabling the Emergency aAccess feature to maintain connectivity with Devolutions Server.

For further guidance or if you have questions regarding precautions during critical Devolutions Server operations, please contact our support team at

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