Grant temporary access to an entry in Devolutions Server

To learn how to approve or deny a request, visit Approve temporary access to an entry in Devolutions Server.

The Temporary Access feature allows users to request a temporary elevation of their permissions for a specific entry. Approvers can grant Temporary Access without request from a user and even if the user already has access.

Grant temporary access

  1. In the Navigation pane of Devolutions Server, select the entry you want to grant access to.

  2. Click on More, then select Grant Temporary Access.

    Grant Temporary Access
    Grant Temporary Access

  3. Choose User and Access duration in the Grant Temporary Access window.

    Grant Temporary Access window
    Grant Temporary Access window

    You can view the Entry's dependencies such as linked credentials and VPNs. Note that linked entries must be in the same vault. Credentials with PAM linked to regular vaults are not included. =

  4. Click on Set custom time frame if you need to grant access for a specific period of time and write a short Message to the user explaining why you grant access.

  5. Click Grant Access to close the window.

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