Authentication migration tool

These instructions explain how to migrate the user accounts and user groups from one authentication provider to another. The tool can be found in three locations on the web interface of your Devolutions Server instance:

  • AdministrationServer SettingsAuthentication
  • AdministrationUsers
  • AdministrationUser Groups

To migrate users and user groups to the same Identity provider (for example: Active Directory to another Active Directory), the information under AdministrationServer SettingsAuthentication must be changed to the new domain before using the Authentication Migration Tool.


  1. As mentioned in the Introduction, important operations are required before going through this process. Click Next.


  2. In the Options, select the source and the destination of the migration.


  3. In the Users mapping, the wizard should automatically match the accounts that are similar. The other accounts will need to be selected manually.


  4. In the User groups mapping some groups will also be matched automatically by the wizard, the rest will have to be done manually.


  5. The Confirmation shows the number of selected users, user groups and the ones that are not selected for the migration process.


  6. Click on the Start migration button to start the process and get the migration confirmation report.


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