The Authentication section allows the administrator to select which authentication types will be used to connect on Devolutions Server.

Adminsitration – Server Settings – Authentication
Adminsitration – Server Settings – Authentication


Authentication Modes

The machine hosting Devolutions Server must be joined to the configured domain for Windows Authentication to work.

Option Description
Authenticate with domain user The domain is used to authenticate the user.
Authenticate with Office365 user AzureAD is used to authenticate the user.
Authenticate with Okta user Okta is used to authenticate the user.
Authenticate with Devolutions Server user The Devolutions Server is used to authenticate the user. You must create the initial user through the Devolutions Server Console.
Enable Windows authentication The application will use the current Windows authenticated user to authenticate to the Devolutions Server instance. To complete the activation of the feature, consult this page.
Enable Emergency Code authentication The application will send an email that contains an emergency code to authenticate if any of the above authentication methods are not working. The Email setting is required for this option to work.


Option Description
Domain Configure the Domain type.
Office365 Configure the Office365 type.
Okta Configure the Okta type.
Authentication migration Migrate the authentication method of the existing user account to another authentication method or another domain in Active Directory or Azure Active Directory. To start and complete the migration process, consult this page.