Getting started

After receiving your free edition or completing your purchase of an edition of Devolutions Server, you will receive an email containing the licenses according to your edition. Each license serial allows for running a Devolutions Server instance.

An instance is in itself a web server application which acts as a back-end for our client applications. You can think of it as a specialized database for your data. All instances can be installed on the same physical server or spread across many. Devolutions Server can be installed through different topologies.

Domain requirements

These requirements apply especially if you intend to use Automatic User Account Creation (see Authentication) and/or User Groups to manage your instance.

  1. Create Active Directory groups to manage your instance. Typical examples are: Remote Desktop Manager Admins, Remote Desktop Manager Operators, Remote Desktop Manager Users.
  2. Add domain users to the Active Directory groups.
  3. Create a VaultDBOwner account that will be the owner of the database. Performing upgrades with this account will ensure the proper rights are held.
  4. Create a VaultDBRunner account that will be used as the identity of the website. This will allow you to harden the permissions to what is minimally required.

Installation steps

  1. Create a new instance of Devolutions Server (see Create Devolutions Server instance).
  2. Create a Devolutions Server administrator account in the User management.
  3. Create User groups.
  4. Add domain users or built-in users (see User management).
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