Sealed entries

Sealed entries protect sensitive information from being accessed by users with higher privileges and can be used in case of emergency. When an attempt is made to access a sealed entry, the system displays a confirmation message to the user, indicating that the entry is protected. Additionally, a notification is sent to the administrators, alerting them of the access attempt.

Sealing the entry

  1. Go to the properties of the entry.
  2. Click Security Settings.
  3. Select Sealed under Seal State.
    Select Sealed under Seal State
    Select Sealed under Seal State
  4. Click Update to save.

Access Attempts

Unseal an entry sends a notification to the administrators, providing details about the access attempt. This includes the identity of the user attempting access, the time and date of the attempt, and the name of the vault.

Notification preferences

Enable and disable sealed entries notifications under Security – Entry unsealed.

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