Access URI

This issue is related to upgrading from a version prior to 2022.1 to 2022.2.

During the upgrade process or the installation process of Devolutions Server, we must provide an Access URI. This URI is a redirect URL that is used by the OAuth system and redirects the authentication traffic to the Access URI.


  1. In the Devolutions Server Console, go to Server - Edit - IIS.
  2. Enter the Access URI in the text field following the format provided in the Scenarios.

The Access URI is case sensitive and must respect the certificate host name. Ensure that there is no '/' at the end of the URL.

There can be more than one Access URI. Click the ellipsis button to add or manage additional Access URI.

Server – Edit – ISS
Server – Edit – ISS

  1. Click OK.


Multiple format can be set and you must choose the right one.

  1. The Devolutions Server instance is available only internally and is hosted on one server. Then the Access URI should be set with the FQDN of the machine and ends with the Devolutions Server IIS Application if it is not installed on the root of the web site. https://myservername.mydomain.loc/dvls
  2. The Devolutions Server instance is available externally on the web or behind a Load Balanced environment. Then the Access URI should be set with the URL you use to reach the instance from internet.
  3. If Devolutions Server is installed at the root of the IIS web site. Then the Access URI should only be the FQDN of the machine.
  4. If Devolutions Server is using a non-standard port (80 for http, 443 for https). Then the Access URI will need to contain the port number after a colon.
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