Emails are sent by our notification engine and by some of our multi-factor authentication providers for internal secure messaging.

In the General section, you are able to choose an Authentication type between Basic and Azure. You can also provide the Administrator Email, which is the recipient email address that will receive the errors.

Administration – Server Settings – Email
Administration – Server Settings – Email

After having selected the Authentication type, you will get access to other fields to fill in. The information to provide depends on the authentication type.

Basic SMTP Configuration

See Configure an SMTP Email, which is specific to the Basic Authentication type, for steps on how to configure an SMTP in Devolutions Server.

Basic Authentication type
Basic Authentication type

Field/Setting Description
Host Name or IP address of the SMTP server.
Port SMTP server port.
Username Username used to connect to the SMTP server.
Password Password used to connect to the SMTP server.
Connection security Specific security for the connection to the mail server.
  • No encryption
  • Automatic based on port number (by default)
  • Use SSL or TLS immediately (SMTPS)
  • Use TLS immediately after initial connect
  • Use TLS if server supports it after initial connect
Send email as Sender's email address.

Azure SMTP Configuration

Azure Authentication type
Azure Authentication type

See Configure an SMTP Email With Azure, which is specific to the Azure Authentication type, for steps on how to configure an SMTP with Azure in Devolutions Server.

Field/Setting Description
Client ID Azure application ID.
Tenant ID Azure Tenant ID
User ID ID of the user that is listed in the "From" section of the email.
Secret value Azure client secret.
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