Preventing SQL timeouts with Devolutions Server

Managing a lot of entries in one single operation or having a high number of connected users could lead to SQL Timeout error messages with Devolutions Server The following modification on the database advanced parameters could help to prevent getting SQL Timeouts.

  1. The first one to consider is the Connection maximum pool size Increasing that parameter to 1000 instead of the default 100 will help to level up the number of possible database connections.
  2. The second parameter is the Connection timeout that can be increased to 30 seconds. This will make the system wait for 30 seconds before raising an exception.
  3. The last one is the Connection retry count as it will repeat each Connection timeout delay before generating an error. By setting it to 5, the Devolutions Server instance will wait 150 seconds before raising an SQL Timeout.

For more information about these parameters, please see Database – Advanced Settings.

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