Entry Credentials Options

Multiple options are available to use for Credentials in your Remote Desktop Manager entries.



Custom This option allows to enter custom credentials in the General section of the entry.
Linked (Vault) Link your entry to use an existing Credential entry in the same vault.
Embedded (Legacy) Embed a Credential entry in the entry itself. This mode is deprecated and not recommended. Please review other options available.
Inherited The credentials used by this entry will be inherited and defined by climbing up the navigation tree until it has access to a set of credentials in a parent folder.
My personal credentials Will use the credentials set in My personal credentials feature. This allows you to centralize one credential to replace or emulate the ones for your Windows session.
None No credentials will be allowed to be saved or linked to this entry.
Find by name (User Vault) Will search your User Vault for the name specified. If the box is left empty, when launch, a Credential list will open with all available Credentials entry from your User Vault .