Create vault with restricted access by default Automatically secure the vault settings when creating a repository. Therefore, the permissions settings are set to Never.
Force data source 2-factor configuration Require the users to have a 2-factor configuration applied on the data source. Not shown with Devolutions Server as 2FA set elsewhere.
Resolve credentials in overview Displays username and password fetched from a Credential repository in the entry overview in the dashboard. Uncheck this option if it takes too long to resolve.
Time of day Select the hours which the data source is limited to. Select between:
  • Any time: the session can be used at any hour.
  • Custom: manually select the time frame the session is available for.
Time of week Select which days the data source is available for. Select between:
  • Any day: the session can be used any day of the week or weekend.
  • Weekdays: the session can be used only on weekdays.
  • Weekends: the session can be used only on weekends.
  • Custom: manually select each day the session is available for.
Time Zone Select the time zone you are currently in.
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