Upgrade Process Issue

Following an upgrade of Devolutions Server, it triggers error messages like SQLException - Invalid column name in the logs or Error: cannot read property 'children' of null error message on the Devolutions Server web interface.

The reason of these errors are related to an SQL database or web application files that have not been properly updated because the upgrade of the Devolutions Server web application has been made with an older Devolutions Server Console.


First, verify that the Devolutions Server Console corresponds to the version of the Devolutions Server web application.

Devolutions Server Console
Devolutions Server Console

If the console version is older than the web application version, please go on the Devolutions Server download page to download the right console version and install it.

Then, install again the Devolutions Server web application over the current installation with the Upgrade Server button in the Actions pane. This will properly install all required files and update the SQL database to the appropriate version.

We strongly recommend following the instructions on this online help page to perform the upgrade Upgrading Devolutions Server

We offer free remote session to assist you during the upgrade process of your Devolutions Server instance. If you would like to book a session, please send an email to service@devolutions.net and we will send you a link to our online reservation system.