Devolutions Launcher settings

Here are listed all the settings available in the menus of Devolutions Launcher.


Refresh Refresh the vaults in the data source.
Data Sources Connect to data sources.
My Account Settings Add a personal credential to your Devolutions Launcher. Select from My Personal Credentials, My Privileged Account, or My Personal SSH Key.
Settings In the User Interface section, you can personalize the color Theme, Language, and Display Scaling of Devolutions Launcher. You will need to close the application to activate the new settings.


Vault Display the vault.
User vault Display the user vault.


Select how you want the window to be displayed.


Online Help Consult documentation for all Devolutions products, add-ons, and companion tools.
Applications Logs The information in the Application Logs section is primarily for administrators and application developers. You can search the log file by using the Filter in the List tab. Reports are available in the Report tab and can be saved or send to the Devolutions Support Team.
Diagnostics In this section you can access the System Diagnostic of the application and launch the Registry for debugging purposes. Validate the data source information and the policies applied.
Submit a Support Ticket Send a message to the Devolutions Support Team.
Visit our forum Get the latest news, report bugs, and request new features by connecting directly with our engineering team and support staff.
Check for Updates Validate and download new Devolutions Launcher versions.
About View Devolutions Launcher installed version and information.
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