Configure a PowerShell entry in Devolutions Hub Business

The PowerShell (remote) entry in Devolutions Hub Business allows users to run and manage remote PowerShell sessions using Devolutions Gateway. The entry is available under New entry – PowerShell (Remote).

PowerShell entry (remote) in Devolutions Hub Business
PowerShell entry (remote) in Devolutions Hub Business


To use this feature, certain requirements must be met, namely:

  • Windows 10 or 11.
  • Windows Server 2016 and higher.
  • Have a Devolutions Gateway version 2023.1 or later.

PowerShell remote session configuration

Follow the steps below to properly configure your PowerShell remote session in Devolutions Hub Business:

  1. Go to the Properties of the entry.
  2. In the General section, select the name and folder.
  3. Choose the Host type and enter the host (the machine you want to connect to).
    General configuration
    General configuration
  4. Go to the VPN/tunnel/gateway section.
  5. Select Inherited under Type. The configuration of your Devolutions Gateway will be inherited.
  6. Click Always connect.
  7. Click Update to save.

Launching the connection

Once all the conditions are met, you can press the Open in Web Client (Preview) button to launch the connection from the web client.

Open in Web Client (Preview)
Open in Web Client (Preview)

Your session should start in a new browser tab.

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