Vault content types

Vault content types limit the entry types that can be created in a specific shared vault. The type can be chosen when creating or editing a vault. Existing entries are not affected by a vault type modification; they can still be used, modified, moved, imported/exported, etc.

There exists four vault content types:

  • Default vault: A standard vault where all entry types are available.
  • Secrets vault: Secrets entries, used in DevOps and CLI processes.
  • Business vault: Entries such as information, contact, assets, or documents. Helpful in business organization.
  • Credentials vault: Entries for all credential types, not only secrets-specific.

Here is the complete list of available entry types for each type of vault:

Note that the availability of entry types can also be restricted by other factors such as your user interface profile.

Entry types Default vault Business vault Credentials vault Secrets vault
Session Website entry only
Remote management
Credential entry Username and password entry only Secret entry only
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