Get started with Devolutions Hub Business

Here is a list of steps to help you get started with Devolutions Hub Business for your team environment.

Step 1 – Setting up user groups and vaults

In this video, we will demonstrate the proper configuration for Devolutions Hub Business as well as best practices for inviting an administrator, creating user groups, as well as setting up shared vaults, and assigning them roles and permissions.

Step 2 – Inviting multiple users

With this video, we will demonstrate how to add users to your Devolutions Hub Business for both those who already have a Devolutions Account as well as those that do not.

Step 3 – Filling vaults with content

At this stage, we will show you four different ways to add and import entries into your newly created Devolutions Hub Business. We will also cover the properties and permissions of entries.

Step 4 – Administration settings and reports

In this final video, we will show you some of the administration management settings, configuration, tools, and reports that we think will benefit you as you finalize getting your Devolutions Hub Business all set up.

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