Launch a session via the Devolutions Hub Business web interface

Sessions such as RDP, SSH, Telnet, and PowerShell Remote can be launched through the web interface of Devolutions Hub Business using Devolutions Gateway.


To use this feature, certain requirements must be met, namely:

Session entry configuration

Follow the steps below to properly configure your entry in Devolutions Hub Business:

The steps below assume that you already have a session entry. If you have not yet created it and want to learn how, see Create entries manually.

  1. Go to the Properties of the entry.
  2. Click VPN/tunnel/gateway.
  3. Select Devolutions Gateway under Type.
  4. Click Always connect.
  5. Go to Settings (Devolutions Gateway).
  6. Select the Devolutions Gateway to use for this connection, then click on Check Health to make sure the Gateway is functional. Its version must be 2023.1 or later.
    Settings (Devolutions Gateway)
    Settings (Devolutions Gateway)
  7. Click Update to save.

Launching the connection

Once all the conditions are met, you can press the Open in Web Client (Preview) button to launch the connection from the web client.

Open in Web Client (Preview)
Open in Web Client (Preview)

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