Errors list

Here are all the possible errors in Devolutions Hub Business with the corresponding number.

Access-denied-errors in Devolutions Hub Business are listed here.

Forbidden - 403

Code Error Description/Solution
0 UserNotFound User not found in Devolutions Hub Business. If the user is not found or has been deleted, go to Administration – Users and create the user.
1 UserDisabled User is disabled. Go to Administration – Users and select the user. Click Edit and click Is enabled to enable the user.
2 TwoFactorRequired Connection attempt to Devolutions Hub Business without 2FA.
3 SetupRequired A new Devolutions Hub Business must be set up. This can only be done by the owner. A normal user will be blocked.
4 SetupNotRequired Trying to set up a Devolutions Hub Business when it is already set up.
5 EmergencyResetDenied Normal user is denied for emergency reset. The emergency reset of the Devolutions Hub can only be performed by its owner.
6 HubDisabled Devolutions Hub Business is disabled.
7 IPForbidden The host IP is forbidden/blocked by IP filtering, Tor traffic blocking, or application user restricted IP. IP allowlist is managed under Administration - IP allowlist. Administrators can enable or disable Tor traffic by clicking on Administration – System SettingsBlock Tor traffic. Management of the IP allowlist and application user ip restriction is available under Administration – Application identities.
8 AccessDenied Access denied. This is the most commonly used default reason for blocking or denying an action when no specific reason is given/requested.
9 InvalidLicense The Devolutions Hub Business license is invalid or has expired.
10 OfflineAccessDisallowed Request only to Devolutions Hub Business with offline setting enabled when requesting shared vault.
11 UserApprovalRequired Happen when a user is not found in Devolutions Hub Business and SSO is enabled.
12 InvalidLicenseManage The Devolutions Hub Business license is invalid or has expired, but the license can be managed.
13 OrganizationSynchronizedMember The synchronized group cannot be edited or deleted using SSO.
15 CompanionToolDisabled Companion tools are blocked by Devolutions Hub Business. The setting is separate for Workspace browser extension and Workspace mobile app. Administrators can enable these settings by editing the user in Administration – Users.
16 OfflineAccessDisallowedForPamVault Request only allowed to Devolutions Hub Business with offline setting enabled when requesting a PAM vault.
17 PamEntryNotCheckedOut The PAM entry is not checked out.
18 HubPersonalMigrationDone Devolutions Hub Personal has migrated to the Devolutions Hub Business architecture.
19 HubPersonalNotMigrated Devolutions Hub Personal verify that migration to the Devolutions Hub Business architecture is complete.
20 HubPersonalOnly A request from Devolutions Hub Business attempts to impersonate Devolutions Hub Personal.
21 UserVaultDisabled A user is trying to edit their user vault, but Devolutions Hub has disabled user vault.
22 MaximumBlobSizeExceeded The blob/attachment/file is too large for the Devolutions Hub.
23 MaximumBlobContainerTotalSizeExceeded Blob storage has reached the limit of the blob container.
24 CannotCreateTemporaryAccessOnRoot Temporary access to a root entry cannot be requested.
25 UserExpired User has expired.
26 SupportTicketsOnlyAllowedForAdministrators This feature is blocked for regular users if the Devolutions Hub has restricted the ability to submit support tickets to administrators only.
27 InvalidPAMCheckoutApprover Current user is not allowed to approve/reject PAM check out requests.

Unauthorized - 401

Code Error Description/Solution
0 Other The default is when no specific reason is given in the context of SSO.
1 OrgIdMismatch In SSO context, if the organization ID from the user login request does not match the organization ID from the Devolutions Hub.
2 InvalidProviderId In SSO context, when the provider ID from user login request is empty or null.
3 InvalidScopes A request to Devolutions Hub is made without specifying any scopes.

Locked - 423

Code Error Description
0 Opened A user attempts to open an entry that is currently being opened by another user.
1 LockedForEdit A user attemps to edit an entry that is being edited by another user.
2 Checkout A user tries to open, edit, and even checkout an item that is currently being checked out by another user.
3 Forbidden A user tries to check out an item or change the status of the item.

Custom Error 5XY | User Invitation - 544

Code Error Description/Solution
2 AlreadyExist The user to invite already exists.
3 UserNotProvisioning The user invitation process failed.
4 EmailNotSend Email failed to be sent after user was invited.
5 LimitReached Block user invitation process when Devolutions Hub users limit is reached. This limit varies depending on the license.
6 Forbidden Attempting to invite a user without having the proper permissions.

Secret ID expiration error | Status 401

Secret ID expiration error
Secret ID expiration error

Status Error Description/Solution
401 Response: Stack: Devolutions.Hub.Clients.HubClient.d__31.MoveNext() The Client ID or secret supplied by your organization is invalid, please contact an admin of your organization.
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