How deleting Devolutions Accounts affects Devolutions Hub

Deleting Devolutions Accounts can be done quickly via the Devolutions Portal profile page.



Once you have deleted an account, you will not be able to revert that action.

Impact of deleting Devolutions Accounts

For Devolutions Hub users For Devolutions Hub owners After a trial period After cancelling a subscription For Devolutions Hub Personal
The Devolutions Hub is not deleted, but users no longer have access to it. The owner will have to transfer ownership to another user and wait for the Devolutions Hub to be deleted before the Devolutions Account can be deleted. The Devolutions Hub will be deleted 30 days after the end of the trial period. The Devolutions Hub will be deleted 30 days after cancelling the subscription. The Devolutions Hub is deleted as soon as the user deletes the Devolutions Account.
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