Privileged accounts

The Privileged Access section allows to manage all privileged accounts within a given PAM vault. The accounts can be organized within folders or directly saved in the root.

Privileged Access vault dashboard
Privileged Access vault dashboard

For every privileged account, it is possible to manage the checkout/check-in process or to have access to many options from the contextual menu or the top right menu described below.

Privileged Accounts folder content
Privileged Accounts folder content


Option Description
Edit Edit the privileged account properties.
Check Out Access and lock the privileged account.
Reset Password Reset the password in Devolutions Server and in Active Directory or on the Local SSH machine.
Check Synchronization Status Verify if the Provider can still access the account in the Domain or the Local SSH machine.
Password history Open the Password history dialog.
Delete Remove the account from the Privileged Account Management system without deleting it in the Domain or the Local SSH machine.
Logs Open the Logs dialog which contains the account's activity.
View Resolved User Groups Display the users that have access to the privileged account.
Move to PAM vault Move the Privileged Account to another PAM vault.
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