Essential information about credential property GUIDs in Remote Desktop Manager

To optimize storage efficiency, the system employs default values for most fields. As a result, if a field retains its default value, it will be omitted from the displayed content. Therefore, it is important to be mindful of any newly added fields that appear in the updated content.

Credentials are subject to a distinct handling process that involves the utilization of GUIDs when referencing other entries. However, when employing alternative mechanisms, they are associated with predefined, static well-known GUIDs.

There are additional GUIDs that are exclusive to Devolutions Server with the PAM module enabled.

Setting Well-known GUID
Default " "
Credential repository --- Prompt on connection --- "45479560-173E-435D-8848-C22F863FDC96"
Embedded Should be used for backwards compatibility only, not listed
Parent (only for sub entries) "E2CC9029-CA3A-4308-BA54-16D5029BC8ED"
Inherited "1310CF82-6FAB-4B7A-9EEA-3E2E451CA2CF"
My personal credentials "9F3C3BCF-068A-4927-B996-CA52154CAE3B"
None "B87B29D9-9239-4D7B-86D8-9B53DCD3BA9F"
User vault, paired with PersonalConnectionID "245A4245-48E7-4DF5-9C4C-11861D8E1F81"
User vault Search, paired with CredentialPrivateVaultsearchString "88E4BE76-4C5B-4694-AA9C-D53B7E0FE0DC"

Sample script for Remote Desktop Manager

$session.CredentialConnectionID = "1310CF82-6FAB-4B7A-9EEA-3E2E451CA2CF"
Set-RDMSession $session -Refresh
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