PowerShell scripting

We have moved to a GitHub repository to hold our various samples and recipes. Please consult it to know what is available. Questions and samples should be requested on our forum. Our team will be glad to assist you.

There are two ways to interact with Remote Desktop Manager using PowerShell:

Module Devolutions.PowerShell Module: It is a module that exposes many cmdlets that are used to "pilot" a local installation of Remote Desktop Manager. As such, it is quite different from most modules available out there since the majority is used to communicate with a remote service. This means that it requires an interactive Windows session in a user context.
Custom Actions Snippets of PowerShell code that can be executed directly in Remote Desktop Manager. The actions can be initiated using Edit – Edit (Special Actions) – Custom PowerShell Command. The advantages of this approach are the following:

1. There is no need to handle the loading of the appropriate module for the instance of Remote Desktop Manager.
1. There is no need to handle the filtering of entries. Most of the time, you would perform manual selection directly in your Navigation pane or, even better, use the Advanced Search to select entries in one fell swoop.
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