Create a custom field report

This topic will cover how to create a Custom Field Report to use various PowerShell scripts.

Creating the report

  1. Click the New Entry button.
  2. Select Report, which is under Macro/Script/ToolTool.
  3. Enter the Name.
    Custom Field Report
    Custom Field Report
  4. In the General tab:
    • Set the Type to Custom Field Report.
    • The Script source can either be;
      • PowerShell: Enter the script in the Script tab.
      • Linked Entry: Choose a PowerShell entry with the script in it, this would make it easier to use the same script for multiple entries.
    • Add Timeout (ms) (optional).
    • Add necessary Fields.

    If you chose Linked Entry, skip step 5.

  5. In the Script tab, add the custom script.
    Script example
    Script example

    There is a Sample script at the bottom of this tab to use as reference.

  6. In the Parameters tab, add parameters that can be used in the script (by using $PARAMETER1$, $PARAMETER2$, etc).
  7. Click OK to create the entry and close this window.
  8. Select the Report entry and click on Execute.
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