PowerShell module

Remote Desktop Manager supports Windows PowerShell. PowerShell is a powerful scripting tool that lets administrators automate Remote Desktop Manager. They are provided in a PowerShell module.

The minimum required PowerShell version is 7.4.

Manually Install and Import the PowerShell Module

The Devolutions.PowerShell Module is now available on the PowerShell Gallery. It can also be installed and imported using the commands below. Please see Devolutions.PowerShell Core Module for further instructions about the PowerShell module usage.

Install-Module -Name Devolutions.PowerShell
Import-Module Devolutions.PowerShell 


To list all cmdlet commands, please enter this command:

Get-Command -Module Devolutions.PowerShell

For more information on those commands, use the following command:

get-help [command name] -Full

To generate a text file with all the commands, use the following commands:

Get-Command -Module Devolutions.PowerShell -Type Cmdlet `
    | Sort-Object -Property Name `
    | Format-Table -Property Name `
    | out-file $env:temp\pshelp.txt

Get-Command -Module Devolutions.PowerShell `
    | ForEach-Object { get-help -name $_.Name -full } `
    | out-file -append $env:temp\pshelp.txt
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