Custom export to CSV

Many customers ask for a special export that would contain specific fields.


Here is a small script that can be used to generate URLs for our new web protocol handler. We generate a csv file that contains the name and the URL.

## get the data source ID, note that the "Create Web Url" button generates a different ID, but both are accepted
$dsid = Get-RDM-DataSource | where {$_.IsCurrent -eq "X"} | select -expand "ID"
## get the RDP sessions, create a new object with the desired fields.
## Simply append "add-member" commands to include a new field
$s = Get-RDM-Session |
    where {$_.Session.Kind -eq "RDPConfigured"} |
    foreach {
        new-Object Object |
            Add-Member NoteProperty Name $_.Name –PassThru |
          Add-Member NoteProperty URL "rdm://open?DataSource=$dsid&Session=$($_.ID)" –PassThru
## save to csv, the field names are used as column headers.
$s | export-csv c:\temp\sessions.csv -notypeinformation;
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