Domain provider

The Domain Provider allows Devolutions Server to store the domain account credentials to be used for Active Directory accounts discovery, to achieve password rotation or password propagation.

Domain Provider dialog
Domain Provider dialog


Option Description
Name Display name of the Provider.
Description Description of the Provider.

Password settings

Option Description
Password template used on generation Password template that will be used to generate the password during the reset password operation.


Option Description
Domain name FQDN of the domain against where the scan or the password rotation will be executed.
Protocol Protocol used to contact the domain controller.
Select between:
  • LDAP
Port Set the port number used with the configured Protocol.


Option Description
Username Username of the domain account.
Password Password of the domain account.


Option Description
Add PAM vault Will create a PAM vault with the provider's name if enabled.
Add Scan Configuration Will open the Scan Configuration dialog if enabled.
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