Windows local accounts

The Windows Local Accounts provider allows Devolutions Server to store Windows local accounts credentials to be used for local accounts discovery or to achieve password rotation.

Windows Local Accounts provider configuration
Windows Local Accounts provider configuration


Option Description
Name Display name of the Provider.
Template name Template of the Provider.


Option Description
Description Description of the provider.
Host IP Address or host name where the Windows local accounts are located.
ExcludeDisabledAccountsInDiscovery Exclude disabled accounts when in discovery mode.
HostsLDAPSearchFilter Add LDAP search filter(s).


Option Description
Credential type Custom credentials or Linked credential options.
Username Username of the Windows local account with rights to list accounts.
Password Password of the Windows local account.
Linked credential Credential directly linked to a PAM account.


Option Description
Add PAM vault Will create a PAM vault with the provider's name if enabled.
Add Scan Configuration Will open the Scan Configuration dialog if enabled.
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